Sprint Trainer Comet 3p


The traction force for resistance and support can be adjusted electronically by the trainer in both modes very fine-even during the sprint

Traction resistance (muscle powerd training) the rope must be connected with the lap seatbelt. the athlete must stand at least in 5 m distance from the device. Here the athlete starts and performs traction resistance training with the selected load by running away from device.


h/p/cosmos comet 3p spasifications 

 Speed                0...53 km/h/...14.7 m/s

Motor                  2.0 kw                               

Power supply        380-420 / ...34 kg              

Rope length         approx. 140 m                    

Rope diameter     1.5 mm                              

Weight                ca. 110kg             

Dimensions          108*90*75 cm                   

Order number       cos00C03010001    



Traction support "speed training"

the athlete moves slowly away from the device and hence unrolls the rope from the shaft. At the desired running distance (e.g. 100 m plus 40 m for the stop-phase = 140 m) the athlete stops and turns hence facing the device and starts the sprint training with traction support (overspeed training). Set marker at the begining of the STOP-PHASE 40 m from the device.

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