• Full Spirometry testing (FVC,VC, SVC, MVV and Bronchial Challenge Test)
• Color LCD display with real time graphs
• Embedded high speed Thermal Printer 
• Available with Disposable Pneumotach or Turbine Flow meter
• Advanced software for data management and real time testing on PC
• Airways Resistance Rocc (option)
• Integrated Digital Oximeter (option)
• Proper stand


Measured Parameters

FVC • IVC • VC • MVV • VT • FEV1 • FEV6 • FEV1/FEV6 • FEV6/FVC • PEF • PIF • FEV1/FVC • FEF 25-75 • FEV1/VC% • %FEV1 • MEF25% • MEF50% • MEF75% • FET 100% • Lung Age • ERV • IRV • VE • Rf • ti • te • ti/t.tot • VT/ti • Best FVC • Best FEV1 • IC • SpO2 • HR • R_occ • G_occPony FX -

Desktop Spirometer
The Pony FX is the next generation desktop spirometer developed for complete
spirometry testing (SVC/FVC, MVV, bronchial provocation) With a large colour LCD screen and in-built thermal printer, it allows to perform tests without the need of a computer. The Pony FX has internal memory, which can store many patients/tests and comes with a powerful and user-friendly PC software for data management. Pony FX is configured with an accurate and reliable bidirectional digital turbine flow meter.
Pony FX Flowsafe
Desktop Spirometer with Disposable Pneumotach
Pony FX Flowsafe is the new model of the Pony family configured to be used
with a single-use differential pressure transducer. The "Flowsafe" pneumotachograph
allows extremely accurate measurements also at low flows and
prevents patients from the risk of cross-contamination.
The disposable flowmeter means that no
sterilization, cleaning or calibration are required.
Pony FX Flowsafe includes all the features of the
standard Pony FX.

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