Speed Lab


Speed lab

Speed lab, the concept for a training center by combining modern standards, measurement technology, additional training equipment, training methods and specific knowledge in designing a workout space plan from a methodological and infrastructural aspects.

All facets of athletics to integrative, professional, driven to the measured values and sport are trained across all or specific.
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation modules are the ideal complement to the overall concept.

Planning and implementation of the training areas will be implemented in cooperation with indoor and outdoor sports flooring and artificial turf specialist Mondo supplier of the Olympic Games.

The central argument for the Speed lab concept is proven to be successful. One of many examples is the improvement of a football player at 5-feet-taking. Even greater progress in the change of direction or speed of action can be achieved.

Speed lab allows continuous measurement space training and therefore differs substantially from methods that work only with 1 or 2 performance tests per year.

Speed lab works with a specific device selection, combining the familiar with the innovative in a meaningful way.

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