Speed Court


The Speed Court is an interactive training and sports equipment. Because of its unique versatility and a competitive-level personal training is just as possible as an accurate performance analysis.

The revolutionary design of the explosive speed court sprints, dynamic changes of direction, coordination and cognitive performance are not known so far tested in shape and trains.

The user-friendly design software allows the user SpeedPro quick editing of walkways: sport-specific - location specific - controlled load.

The integrated database function is an indispensable tool of modern coaches and therapists.

In working with Speed Court can be integrated in a variety of groups and training equipment. It is effective and motivating.

Besides the possibility to integrate the speed court as fixed installation in a new or existing facility, there are mobile versions. With special gear sports mats can be combined with different-sized courts in any order.

Speed Court, among others at Real Madrid CF and Bayer 04 Leverkusen in use.


Sophisticated measurement+tr 10 contact plates on 7m x 7m
stationary / floor / flatscreen
tappings / reactions / jumps
gamespeed, agility, cognition
defined and open programmes
single, group, with football, 
etc measurement station training

performance diagnostics
performance optimization
performance development
area of activities
talent diagnostics 
early teaching of movements
check of new signings
own datapool
strength and weaknesses

unique characteristics of SpeedLAB:
• high sophisticated, precise and variable for measurment and training 
• High-Tech - Made in Germany
• automated database - linked and simultaneous via Can-Bus
• RFID- and W-Lan-System - saves time, comfortable working
• SpeedCourt - multifunctional court, unique, competition, motivating
• individual solutions - tailor made (club logo in software and on devices)

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