Shoulder Concept


Shoulder Concept

David G460, G640 and G660 form the first part of the David Shoulder Concept. Internal and external rotators of the shoulder joint together with scapular stabilizer can be performed extremely safely and efficiently. Joint angles have been determined with extensive literature review and research. Optimal joint angles together with supportive movement arm isolate the activation precisely to the desired muscles. Pure isolation is essential, since otherwise stonger internal rotators, like pectoralis major, will do the work. When rehabilitating sore shoulders, carefully designed resistance curve is absolutely crucial in order to perform the exercise in a controlled manner.

Shoulder pain is a massive problem worldwide. Shoulder problems cause the most sick leaves of any musculoskeletal illnesses (15 days on average). Shoulder pain is the most common musculoskeletal disorder within people over 65 years (Taylor, 2005) and its prevelance has tripled in the course of 40 years (Harkness, 2005). Every second people will suffer shoulder pain during their lives.

Shoulder impingement syndrome is one of the most typical shoulder problems. Surgery is a common treatment for this problem but recent study has shown that it offers no benefit over active treatment: “... arthroscopic acromioplasty has no good justification as a treatment for shoulder impingement syndrome, and it should therefore be abandoned as the standard treatment. Structured exercise treatment should instead be the basis for treatment.” (Ketola, 2016)

Traditionally physiotherapy uses very simple tools like pulleys and rubber bands to rehabilitate shoulder problems, but these methods are not measurable, trackable or repeatable and they are far from being biomechanically optimal.

On the other hand, shoulder devices have been designed primarily to strengthen large upper body muscles but the causes for shoulder pain are nearly always elsewhere. Generally the problems are caused by the weakness of the small stabilizing muscles of the shoulder joint. Thus, these so called rotator cuff muscles can not be strengthened with traditional fitness devices.

The David Shoulder Solution revolutionizes the treatment of shoulder pain by using biomechanically optimized movements and a visual biofeedback system for guidance.

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