Rehawalk® - Gait Analysis


Rehawalk® - Gait Analysis

The zebris Rehawalk® system is designed for the analysis and treatment of gait disorders in neurologic, orthopaedic or geriatric rehabilitation. In addition to a treadmill, Rehawalk® includes a unit for adaptive visual cueing through the projection of gait patterns on the treading surface. Virtual feedback training happens simultaneously with the help of a large monitor mounted in front of the treadmill.

integrated pressure sensor matrix

The system is based on the proven h/p/cosmos treadmill systems that are available in different sizes and feature variations. The treadmills can, for example, be equipped with arm support and a safety arch. Underneath the belt, a pressure sensor matrix is installed featuring several thousand calibrated, capacitive pressure sensors. The belt movement is compensated such that stable gait and roll-off parameters can be analyzed.

By using an integrated un-weighting system, it is possible to commence the locomotion therapy at an early stage. As a complete system, the h/p/cosmos locomotion 150/50 DE med additionally offers adjustable handrails, a wheelchair ramp and therapist seats.


balance analysis, balance training, visual stimulation

A module for stance and balance analysis as well as balance training is optionally available. Therapy with Rehawalk® assists patients in reaching a safe and effective gait through functional and cognitive challenges that can be individually adapted to the patient’s capability. Due to the high number of step repetitions, an automation of motion sequences is achieved providing complete protection against falling and additional weight unloading at the same time. The system automatically documents the course of treatment through the easy-to-operate software and in-depth evaluation reports. For recording kinematic parameters and video documentation, an integrated lighting and camera unit is optionally available.

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