Postural Analysis during the 3D Movement (IMOOVE)


Postural Dynamic Analysis

Imoove is endowed with an integrated evaluation program by which you can gain a postural analysis during the 3D movement. At slow-speed and moderate wideness, Imoove helps the visual observation of the bio-mechanic disorder of the body in its dynamicity. 
This phase of the dynamic profile diagnostic is enjoyable and interactive and is also a unique instrument to evaluate everyone's personal progresses after every session. 
Then the professional can establish the best planning training, using the free program or choosing one of the many pre-set programs. In addition, each exercise can be modified at any time, adapting to the professional requirements and needs of the user.


• Visual analysis 

At slow-speed and moderate wideness, the professional proceeds with the analysis of the posture in functional situation: this phase helps the visual observation of the muscular posture of the body and increases the value of the physiotherapist competences.

• Palpatory analysis 

In functional situation, at slow-speed and moderate wideness, the professional proceeds with the analysis of the restrictions of articular mobility of the ankles passing through the sacrum-iliac articulations, through the vertebras until the occipital ones. These exams condition the correction movements in dynamic spiral.

• Proprioception analysis 

In functional situation, at slow-speed and moderate wideness, the patient gains awareness of the position of the correspondent parts of his body on a movement area. The reproduction of the indicated gestures on the screen involves a further neuro-motor cognitive challenge in the exercises carrying out.


Design and technology
Intelligent technology 
Imoove is an innovative tool equipped with a forefront intelligent technology that facilitates the training and the analysis of the progresses realized session after session. 
Imoove has funny and easy interactive software: the Imoove Feedback software, a very important and additional tool for the control and progression of the users. 
Thanks to touchscreen technology, many screens composed by icons lead the therapist to choose the exercise with an intuitive and fast method.
Thanks to the integrated program of evaluation, Imoove allows the dynamic analysis of the bio-mechanic disorders of the body and proposes a list of different programs that permit to aim every traumatology with precision and to determinate every sort of training. 
A USB port on the screen permits to carry out the registration of the session through a proper USB key. 
The "Dynamic Live Control" opens new possibilities for the control of the Elispheric® Movement. Thanks to its 2 dynamic sensors of the upper arts, it permits to work on the posture in its globality, using 3 kinds of exercises: static (fixed aim), dynamic (aim in movement) and 6 seconds (adjustable contraction/relaxation). 
The Imoove FT model also has a remote control system via PDA Bluetooth that permits the professional to intervene in real time on the programming without interrupting the user in his exercises course.

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