PharonDiatherm is an innovative electro-medical equipment for analgesic diathermy, with different frequency applications that optimize treatments in manual and automatic mode. The analgesic and thermal effects of Pharon Diatherm allow a quick recover, modulating the energy levels in acute and chronic phase. Pharon Diatherm applications can be combined to classic manual massage to revitalize the damaged tissues through a hyperaemic, vascularising and myorelaxing process. Pharon Diatherm displays most efficacy in rehabilitation medicine reaching healing results with precision and earlier than traditional methods.

Technical features

·         Output frequency: from 484 to 695 kHz

·         Operating frequency: 1 MHz +/- 5%

·         Power supply: 230 Volt, 50-60 Hz

·         Power draw: 100 EFF/280 MAX

·         Dimensions: 5345 x425x200 mm

·         Weight: 14 kg

·         Classification: I type BF

·         CE 0068

Application frequencies

5+1 application frequencies available:

·         Resistive method: hypobasic, diabasic, hyperbasic

·         Capacitive method: megabasic, gigabasic

·         Sequential method: automatic sequence

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