Performance Diagnostic On Bike


The bicycle ergometer has the advantage of requiring less space than a treadmill. It is quieter, permits sensitive precordial measurements without much motion artifact, and is generally safer because the risk of falling from the machine is lower. 

Product Component
• Computer programs, ECG. 
• COSMED K4 b2 Wireless ECG- devices and Ergo-Spirometry Systems
• Polar wireless, 3- channel receiver
• PC, Desktop
• Monitor LCD 22"
• Laser Printer. 


 COSMED K4 b2 (CPET) mobile system description
• Pulmonary Gas Exchange (VO2, VCO2)
• Breath by Breath Technology
• Telemetry Data Transmission up to 800m
• Indirect Calorimetry
• Integrated GPS System
• Integrated Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
• Integrated 12-lead Stress Testing ECG

Alternative COSMED CPET Systems
• Stationary CPET (Quark CPET)
• Desktop Clinical CPET (FIT MATE MED) 

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