Motion Analysis Unit


Extensive video monitoring with a calibrated and synchronised camera system and the evaluation by software is a standard today. Also the running machine in use has to meet the still further growing demands in motion analysis. Besides precision and safety a free view at the athlete or patient is absolutely necessary.


Motion Analysis Unit Components

• Running machine h/p/cosmos quasar med
• Interface cable RS232, 10 m
• 1 pcs h/p/cosmos calibration-chart side for camera adjustment
• 1 pcs h/p/cosmos calibration-chart front for camera adjustment
• 1 Camera- / Spotlight-post „frontal", 150 cm, adjustable with scaling, incl. spotlight
• 2 FireWire-Cable-Set for video cameras, 10 m, 6/6 pin, incl. 2 adapter 6/4
• 2 HDV Camcorder
• Software h/p/cosmos para motion "standard" for analysis and evaluation of the videos with up to 2 cameras, incl. treadmill control-software, analysis schemata, individual report functions etc.
• h/p/cosmos satellite PC med - medical PC mini-tower, Windows XP incl. 19" LCD Monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM writer, Fire Wire Card, laser printer and PC-trolley
• Steel ruler, flexible, for contour-accurate marking on the skin
• Skin marker, water resistant, especially suited for eudermic marking
• Potential equalization cable, 5 m (required for medical systems)

Running machine h/p/cosmos quasar med description
• Speed: 0 ... 25 km/h.
• Elevation: -28 ... +28 %.
• Running surface: 170 x 65 cm.
• Interface port com1 for PC, ECG, Ergospirometry-, Blood-pressure system or printer - compatible to most of the systems worldwide.
• PC software: h/p/cosmos para control for device control and monitoring
• Safety arch with fall stop incl. chest belt
• Reverse belt rotation (Downhill): for video recording from all sides and simulating downhill
• Centre mark of running belt
• Drive motor: 3.3 kW (4.5 HP) 3-phase A.C. motor, (maintenance free).
• Heart rate monitoring: POLAR wireless, 1-channel receiver.
• Heart rate control: automatic control of speed and elevation according to programmed target
• heart rate ("cardio mode").
• Programs & Tests: 20 programs & profiles / 6 exercise profiles (scalable, 131 variations)
- 10 test profiles
(UKK 2km Walk test, Cooper, Conconi & Graded Test etc.)
- 4 free definable profiles, 10 steps each
• Interface cable: RS232 
• Voltage supply: 220/240 Volt, 50/60 cycles (Hz), 1 phase AC, 15 Amps 
• Weight: approx. 380 kg


Alternative Treadmills
• h/p/cosmos pulsar 3P
• h/p/cosmos mercury med 


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