Meta Control 3000 Measuring Station


Meta Control 3000 Measuring Station

The total cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) package meta control 3000 based on the custom diagnostic medical operation system and CORTEX MetaSoft®. Latest top of the line technology in a setup testing that sets standards.

          Extent of Supply:

- 1x METALYZER 3B Package Triple® V

- 1x Calibration Kit Professional

- 1x Activation License – meta control 3000

- 1x MetaSoft® Network License

- 1x custo cardio 100 USB

- 1x custo diagnostics standard

- 1x custo cardio standard

- 1x Ergometry standard

- 1x Spiro-Ergometry CORTEX

- 1x Tango+ Monitoring-System

- 1x Power supply

- 1x Patient cable

- 1x Arm cuff medium (25-35cm)

with K-Sound Microphone

- 1x Arm cuff, small (18-27cm)

- 1x Arm cuff, large (32-44cm)

- 1x CORTEX-Tango Trigger Module

- 1x Xpod Base-Module

- 1x Xpod - Option: Finger-Clip

- 1x Xpod - Option: Ear-Clip

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