MEDISLIPPER 1000 is the evolution that allows the ACTIVE rehabilitation but also the PASSIVE rehabilitation of the ankle.

MEDISLIPPER 1000 is a technologically innovative apparatus, specific for the muscle training and the ankle rehabilitation that allows, with a circumduction movement performed by the patient or passively by the machine, the functional recovery of the tibiotarsal articulation range in all hypo-mobility conditions.
The main characteristic of MediSlipper 1000 is the ability to stimulate the mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors determining a rapid muscle activation in all circumstances, and acting on the articular excursion and speed of movement.

In this way you get exceptional results since it is possible to act on the complex movements of the ankle and allow an active or passive functional recovery of the complete joint range.

List of the technical features

·         10 different movements;

·         2 modes: active and passive;

·         Electronic console with digital display;

·         Both manual and automatic movements thanks to the new electrical engine;

·         Graduated device regulating the circumduction range;

·         Clutch for the adjustment of strain intensity;

·         Housing of foot and leg covered with fabric;

·         New design

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