Medilaser 12Nd: This laser with 12 watt power assures a very high biostimulating and healing action. Medilaser 12Nd:YAG is the new frontier in pain control and muscle tissue, tendon and cap-ligament repair.

It uses a wavelength of 1064 Nd:YAG which has a strong directional and deep action. This wave length allows the therapist to work in depth maintaining, unlike other lasers, the same laser light intensity.The capacity to penetrate human tissue induces particular hoto-chemical and thermal reactions, which favour a rapid tissue repair due to the analgesic and bio-stimulating effects.It presents a lower scattering effect which makes it particularly indicated in deep lesions, healing there where other lasers don’t.

In sports and rehabilitation field, the use of the Medilaser 12Nd:YAG favours a rapid recovery as it can be used also in the acute phase, accelerating recovery, thanks to the intermittent mode. It also develops an elevated anti-inflammatory and mantiedema action, favouring rapid healing of the muscle lesions making them more elastic.

Technical features

·         Output power: 0  - 12 Watt

·         Wave lenght: 1064 Nm

·         Safety class: 1 type BF

·         Laser Class: IV

·         dimensions: 66 x 37.5 x 93 cm

·         Weight: 30 kg

·         CE n°: 0068

·         code: EL233

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