Postural dynamic analysis
Imoove is endowed with an integrated evaluation program by which you can gain a postural analysis during the 3D movement. At slow-speed and moderate wideness, Imoove helps the visual observation of the bio-mechanic disorder of the body in its dynamicity. 
This phase of the dynamic profile diagnostic is enjoyable and interactive and is also a unique instrument to evaluate everyone's personal progresses after every session. 
Then the professional can establish the best planning training, using the free program or choosing one of the many pre-set programs. In addition, each exercise can be modified at any time, adapting to the professional requirements and needs of the user.
Dynamic analysis - Fitness Therapy
The active movements can be done on three different progression levels: 
1) Free and without resistance 
Work of eccentric movement with kinetic opened muscular chains. 
2) Resistance in opened kinetic chain 
Training of strength-resistance in the instability, with repetition of alternated fast movements. This technique of Elispheric ® allows to strengthen muscular sectors that are never used. An enhanced resistance derives through the activation of these forgotten muscular fibres. 
3) Resistance in closed kinetic chain
Training at progressive resistance: an easy and funny method to reinforce the muscular tone. 
3 levels of neuro-motive strategies in balance: 
• strategies of transverse balance: splayed feet 
• strategies of front-behind balance: one foot front, the other behind 
• strategies of total balance: united feet in the center and on tip 
Instead of the boring stretching, the global dynamic stretching allows to release the muscular groups from their shortening with functional positions playing with rhythmic ripples. Instead of the classical kind of stretching, the Elispheric® Movement release all the fibres of a muscular group with a only oscillatory movement.
• IMOOVE regulates blood pressure and improves integrity and support of the spine
• IMOOVE mobilises more than 400 muscles at the same time
• 30mns of Elispheric® movement is equivalent to 60mns of linear exercise
• IMOOVE mobilises 95% of your muscular mass.

Ergonomics and Design 
Imoove has an ergonomic and wrapping design, thought to guarantee comfort and accompany the movements in security. The machine's arms surround and assure the users like the footrest that tilts until the floor level and is accessible for all the patients with a reduced mobility. Imoove is a silent machine, with an elegant and original design, adaptable to any setting thanks to the possibility of colors choice. 
• Touch screen
• Individual programs
• Adjustable speed and level of difficulty
• Balance evaluation
• Rehabilitation preset exercises

Physics and rehabilitative medicine
The rehabilitation programs are created for the functional rehabilitation of injured articulations and parts of the body affected by traumatisms, rheumatic attacks, surgical operations or pathologies, for the neuro functional rehabilitation and the motor reeducation of all your patients : from the high level sport man to the old people with a reduced mobility. For any exercise there are 2 progressive levels of intensity: therapy and retention that concern the whole body (back, shoulders, ankles, knees, hips, plantar support, etc...).
The rehabilitation exercises suggested by Imoove encourage the proprioception and the body balance. The essential requirement of Imoove is the training in functional situation that allows the dissociation between the upper and the lower part of the body (torso and limbs), developing the sensorimotor skills and the postural control of the body.
Imoove has a large range of precise exercises for the sport rehabilitation of athletes with physical problems of traumatic origin, helping them to re-educate themselves in a long-last and deep way. This training allows enveloping the power and the precision of the sport gesture.

Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal disorders of the body through musculopostural work

o Neck Cervico Brachial Neuralgia

o P.S.H Capsulities tendonitis
o Rotator Cuff
o Cerico- Scapula

o Chronic lower back pain
o Kyphosis Scoliosis
o Postural reprogramming

o Coxopathies operated /non operated
o Dysbalancesacre
o Lombo pelvi Sacre

o Prosthesis J+3
o Tendinopathy
o Chondropathy

o Muscular Chain Strategies
o Sprains and Achilles tendinitis

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