h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p


Running machine h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p description

Drive motor: 4.3kW (5.8 HP) 3-phase A.C. motor.
Running surface: 190 x 65 cm.
Frame size: 250 x 105 x 140 cm
Speed: 0 ... 40 km/h.
Elevation: -25 ... +25 %.
Device weight: 450 kg
Maximum user weight: 200 kg
2 interface ports com1 / com2 for PC-, ECG, Ergo spirometry, Blood pressure system or printer. Compatible to most of the systems worldwide.
Incl. PC software h/p/cosmos para graphics for device control and visualization 
Interface cable: RS232 
User Terminal 
Safety arch with fall stop incl. chest belt
h/p/cosmos Sirius lactate test meter - Measurement within 15 seconds, storage of 250 values.
h/p/cosmos Sirius lactate test strips, box with 72 test strips plus control-solution.
Software h/p/cosmos para analysis 2.0 Professional (sports medical evaluation software with integrated treadmill control software and training plan).

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