h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh

1988 by Franz Harrer and Manfred Pelz in Waging, near Traunstein / Germany. Private company, since 1992 owned at 100% by Franz Harrer, co-founder of 1988


Some general information about h/p/cosmos
Through the long history of over 23 years in producing treadmills, h/p/cosmos has become THE treadmill specialist and is setting BENCHMARKS for sports, true medical (MDD) and oversize treadmills. h/p/cosmos produces a range of treadmill systems from robust, reliable and MDD-certified machines to oversize machines for wheelchair athletes, cyclists and skiers. 
There are over 100 different models which include unweighting systems, safety systems, software solutions and other patented support solutions.


h/p/cosmos customers
 Olympic Training Centres
 Sports Universities
 Professional Sports Clubs
 Diagnostic Institutes
 Gait Laboratories
 Science Institutes
 Speed Training Centres
 Military
 Astronautics
 Hospitals, Clinics
 Rehabilitation Centres
 Neuro Rehab Centres
 Universities
 Physiotherapists
 Orthopaedics
 Cardiologists
 Biomechanics