Hip and Knee Concept


Hip and Knee Concept

Degenerative diseases of the joints have become the main reason for pain and as a consequence, loss of life quality in the middle aged and elderly.

The popularity of football, ice hockey, and skiinghas all contributed to the increased frequency of injuries like MCL. Increasingly there is consensus in the medical community that controlled physical activity can be a major contributing factor in preventing and healing various knee and hip problems.

It is a well proven fact that for many musculoskeletal illnesses that require surgery as treatment, the outcome has been significantly improved by rehabilitative muscle training.

The David Hip and Knee Concept is designed to tackle various hip and knee based disorders using the most effective and biomechanically correct rehabilitation devices available and new internet based testing and motivation technology, which helps the health care providers to provide programs based on the latest treatment guidelines and cumulative knowledge within the world-wide user group of the concept.

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