G660 DMS-EVE Glenohumeral External Rotation


Glenohumeral External Rotation

Pure isolated external rotation exercise for the shoulder. Optimized joint angles (scapular plane) enable effective treatment of a painful joint.

  • Automated seat adjustment and self-adjusting movement arms
  • Scapular fixation blocks unwanted movements of the scapula
  • Controlled movement and optimal resistance curve provide safety and effectiveness
  • Suitable for vast variety of people, from elderly people to athletes
  • Training with one or two arms
  • Abduction angle can be lowered for early stage rehabilitation
  • Easy to use, minimum supervision required
  • EVE integration with strength and mobility tests
  • Weight stack: 1/20 kg + 2,5/50 kg = 70 kg

Target muscles

  1. Infraspinatus
  2. Teres minor


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