G120 DMS-EVE Lumbar / Thoracic Rotation


Lumbar / Thoracic Rotation

Mobilizes the lumbar/thoracic spine in the transversal plane activating the rotation muscles. Effective upper and lower body fixations ensure isolated rotation movement.

  • Entering the device is quick and easy
  • Automatic shoulder fixation height adjustment (electronic version)
  • Lower body is rotated while the upper body remains fixed
  • Starting position adjustment in 10o intervals
  • Precise resistance curve provides smooth, full range movement
  • Movement is carried out in two directions
  • EVE integration with strength and mobility tests
  • Weight stack: 2,5/100 kg


Muscle groups involved

  • Obliquus externus

  • Obliquus internus

  • Rotatores breves

  • Rotatores longi


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