G110 DMS-EVE Lumbar / Thoracic Extension


Lumbar / Thoracic Extension

Mobilizes the lumbar/thoracic spine in the sagittal plane activating the extensors muscles. Allows people with even severe and prolonged back pain and lack of coordination and strength to start mobilization and strengthening exercises with complete safety and minimal pain.

  • Automatic foot plate and seat adjustments (electronic version)
  • Range of Motion adjustment to accommodate various users
  • Unique hip fixation eliminates the activation of the strong hip extensors helping targeting lumbar and thoracic area
  • Segmental vertebrae level movement activates critical interspinales and rotatores muscles
  • EVE integration with strength and mobility tests
  • Weight stack: 2,5/100 kg


Muscle groups involved

  • Spinalis thoracis

  • Iliocostalis thoracis

  • Longissimus thoracis

  • iliocostalis lumborum

  • Interspinalis lumborum

  • Multifidus

  • Semispinalis thoracis

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