EVE Professional


EVE Professional (eValuated Exercise) is a complete measurement and monitoring system designed to work together with the Spine ConceptHip & Knee Conceptand Shoulder Concept.

It is a groundbreaking, completely networked system that gives physiotherapists and other treatment professionals location-independent access to their patient measurement and exercise data and exercise planning.

Rehabilitation centers can share data or establish satellites for example as corporate prevention units. Monitoring of the training quality and volumes in these satellites can be done remotely with any computer with a browser.

The easy-to-use graphical user interface of the EVE terminals give patients guidance, motivation and real-time biofeedback during their exercise. This frees time for the physiotherapists to handle more patients at the same time without sacrificing training quality. The system records every training session, set and repetition and helps physiotherapists to detect wrong training patterns of their patients.

EVE Professional redefines the controlling, monitoring and data collecting standards of the rehabilitation market.

Welcome to the new exciting world of EVE!

The EVE Terminal has a 10-inch full colour touch-screen, a powerful processor and wireless networking. Patients are recognized with RFID technology. The system is easy to use and self-explanatory. Patients get instant biofeedback during their training. Instructors can perform isometric and amplitude tests easily on the spot using the testing view and the results are displayed in real-time.

All measurement and exercise data is automatically and wirelessly transferred to the server and it can be accessed through EVE Professional Web Access from anywhere in the world. The EVE terminals are shipped* with the new versions of David Future Line DMS machines.


Users login to the EVE terminal with an RFID tag and the system automatically retrieves the relevant training information from the server. The screen displays all the required information to set up the machine including the actual training parameters, such as weight, range-of-motion and repetition. A help screen is always available, with a simple touch of the screen. The user can also easily view all the relevant information regarding planned training programs, in the summary screen. The system is designed to be used without the need of interacting with the terminal and is therefore very user friendly. The system for example detects the starting of the actual exercise and goes to the training mode automatically.

Motivation and Control

The training mode displays the planned range-of-motion and the actual movement of the movement arm with pinpoint accuracy. It warns the user if planned limits are exceeded. The training screen also displays the target speed of the exercise and helps you reach it with visual aids. The system constantly analyses the exercise metrics and calculates a quality marker known as compliance. It is automatically displayed to the user after the exercise, along with other relevant information and a graphical representation of the exercise. Users can give feedback of the training level, and the training program automatically adapts for the next training session.


The EVE -system coupled with the DMS (David Measurement System) machines provides versatile measurement features to evaluate the performance of the customer. The measured isometric force- and range-of-motion values can be compared to a vast database of age, sex and weight categorized reference values. Multiple measurements can be plotted on a visual graph to help analyze the outcome of the training program. Training programs are also created based on these values that guarantee individual and safe training.


The EVE Info-Kiosk is primarily meant to be the first point of contact for the patient staring the program. With an RFID card registering is simple and fast. Patient can see the day's program or if the program is so planned, questions like pain perception is prompted for quick touch button response. 

The user interface runs utilizing latest web technologies, which guarantees desktop responsiveness while updates take place automatically through the web. The EVE Info-Kiosk is connected via LAN to internet and an internal wireless hub connects all devices in the center to the system. The kiosk can also be used by the therapists in program planning and reporting using the EVE Professional software suite.




EVE Web Access is the main server software that is the intelligence and data storage for the whole EVE system. It is accessed with a web-browser so no client software installations are required. It can be even used with modern tablets while on the move

Web Access is used for viewing customer measurement and exercise data. Customer training programs are generated using program templates that are customizable by the center administrative user. When the template is combined with the measurement results an individual program can be created in quickly. 

The system has multiple reports including the Spine / Hip & Knee / Shoulder -Profile analysis. Most of the reports can be done for a single customer or a definable group. The daily activity report is a flexible tool for monitoring the customer flow. The center administrator can modify the security and visibility options of the data. In the default mode all data is restricted for clinic’s internal use only. However, the clinic administrator can allow customer data access to co-operating clinics if necessary. In co-operation mode two or more clinics can share all their customer data.

The program uses state of the art data encryption for all transferred and stored data. Physical server access requires biometric authentication. The security is comparable to that of internet banking.


Users are given instant feedback for their training both in terms of quality and quantity, via the terminal. The compliance quality marker is calculated based on the user’s ability to follow the training program in the categories of range-of-motion, work amount, training speed and coordination. All the training data is automatically transferred to the server for later analysis with the EVE software. The server keeps a complete training history of even the smallest detail. This enables the instructors and personal trainers to follow the quality of the training and incorrect training patterns are easily spotted.


Information and Reporting

Training programs can be efficiently created from profiled templates with the ability of full customisation. Modifications to the program leave a marker of the change. Actual training data is actively matched to the planned program. The ability to see the whole training history is an extremely powerful tool for motivating and coaching. The EVE program offers multiple reports to help analyse the huge amount of data. Graphical representation of different markers such as compliance, training efficiency, power, training weight and repetition amount, can be plotted on a time axis. The data can also be categorised by muscle groups which help in achieving a proper balance between the exercise intensities. All the information is securely accessible from anywhere in the word with a regular web browser. This enables the instructors to follow the progression of their customers even if not physically present and brings with it a real possibility of running satellite centres. These centres can be minimally staffed without sacrificing the service level. Help and support can be given remotely in an instant. Alternatively co-operational mode enables data sharing between centres and the end users can exercise in any of the locations with the same identification tag and training program. The end users can also access their training data and reports from the comfort of their home.


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