Body Wight Supported Treadmill Therapy




Unit Locomotion Therapy
with Pneumatic Unweighting-System, 
two therapy seats and footrests and wheelchair access ramp
Safety arch with chest belt and harness system configuration 1: locomotion with airwalk se 135



• Rehabilitation of the lower body after surgery, injury or disability, e.g.:
• ACL, Microfracture, fractures
• Total knee & total hip
• Arthritis 
• Conditioning during recovery
• Increase in training volume
Neurology & other
• Parkinson's disease
• Stroke
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Obesity (weight loss)
• Fall prevention
• Cerebral palsy
• Multiple sclerosis
• Conditioning in elderly

• The rehabilitation modality that offers patients with a lower extremity injury, surgery or disability:
• Precise adjustable partial weight-bearing to up to 80 Kg 
• Re-education of gait mechanics 
• Functional neuromuscular development (proprioceptive retraining)
• Improved balance 
• Gradual return to full weight bearing
• No or reduced pain 
• A fall safe environment
• Increased confidence


product description
running machine h/p/cosmos locomotion 150/50 DE med
running surface 150 x 50 com, speed 0...10.0 km/h, elevation -15...+15%, 
reverse belt rotation; adjustable therapist seats with foot rests 
adjustable handrails in height and width with gas spring support 
extra emergency stop, extra keyboard
drive motor 3.3 kW 
interface port com1 and com2, motor break, movable user terminal
unweighting system h/p/cosmos airwalk 135se
dynamic spring elec. unweighting system, patient weight: max. 135 kg, patient height: max. 200 cm, 
unweighting range: 1...75 kg (infinitely adjustable) footprint of unweighting system:
(L x W): 214 x 159 cm

wheelchair ramp for easy access to the running surface; suitable for wheelchairs with a width 
of up to 78 cm; 
footprint of wheelchair ramp: (L x W): 120 x 80 cm
h/p/cosmos satellite print - printer-Set for direct documentation without PC, incl. laser printer,
RS232 interface converter with cable, printer rack/stand made of steel
Potential equalization cable, 5 m (required for medical systems)
Interface cable RS232, 10 m
packing pallet & cardboard hood crate for transport h/p/cosmos airwalk 135se

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